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Welcome to Just Domains For Sale, featuring quality Domain Names for sale, for just $99 per domain name.  Whether you are seeking a Domain Name for an upcoming website, or looking to buy the "right" domain name as an investment, chances are we have a domain name for you.  And with all of our domain names priced at just $99, you'll never overpay for a domain name again. Our list of Domain Names for sale range from four letters to multiple words, with each Domain Name currently registered at  We've all seen Domain Names priced far above their real worth, creating a false domain name market value, we work hard at featuring Domain Names that are realistically priced.

At we are more than just a source for quality, affordable Domain Names.  In addition, for those seeking more, we offer "In House" Website Design, regardless of where your Domain Name was purchased.  From a simple Informational Web Site, to a complete eCommerce Web Site, including "real time" credit card processing, shipping, etc.

Unless requested otherwise, all of our Website Design is done without the use of templates, enabling your site to be Optimized to the maximum, for key Search Engine Positioning. We believe your Web Site should be as unique as you, your products and your goals.

Do you have an existing Website in need of maintenance or updates?  If so, we can help.  We offer an affordable hourly rate and welcome customers with ongoing work at a "special" rate.

There are many great software programs available for those who wish to design their own Website ...programs that make it easy for you to accomplish your dream of having a presence on the Internet in short time.

For those who choose not to undertake the challenge on their own, we offer custom Web Site Design and Development, with rates starting as low as $795, including Page Optimizing and Search Engine Submission. Our experience is broad based including medical, insurance, contracting, candle companies, online malls, shopping portals, pet supplies, restaurants, hospitality, music, retail, entertainment, wholesale and others. Not all Web Sites have a need for a Shopping Cart to accept Online Orders, but should your design require such, we can design your cart with a capacity of 10 to 10,000 items.

People often ask how long it will take to complete their new site. Sites that are extremely large can take a great deal of time to complete, however on average, a time frame of 4-6 weeks should be expected.

The first step is to contact us Toll Free at 1-800-772-7926 to discuss your needs. Please remember no site is to small. In fact, many of the major sites on the Internet today started out small and have grown over the years. Perhaps this is your first Website or your fifth. In each and every case proper planning at the onset will play a major factor in your sites success.

We know the questions to ask and how to best apply your answers to the design and development of your Website. Whether your budget is $800.00 or $50,000.00, our goal is to design you the right Web Site and properly place it in the Search Engines for "realistic" search phrases.

Do it and do it right ... call us today, Toll Free at 1-800-772-7926, to discuss "where you are and where you want to be."

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